ThermaStyle PRO – wall sandwich panel EPS

Lightweight wall system of multilayer panels

Modular Width [mm]: 1190 mm
Thickness [mm]: 50-300 mm
Connection types: Hidden connector, Standard – Connects through
Fire resistance: Classification NRO
Core: EPS

Category: .
Technical data ThermaStyle PRO:
Available panel thickness [mm] λD [W/(m∙K )] Thermal transmittance coefficient UC [W/(m²∙K)] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
50 0,037 0,62 9,4 10
75 0,037 0,44 9,8 12-13
100 0,037 0,34 10,2 10
125 0,037 0,28 10,6 8
150 0,037 0,23 11,1 7-8
200 0,037 0,18 11,9 5
250 0,037 0,15 12,8 4-5
300 0,037 0,12 13,6 3


ThermaStyle PRO is a wall sandwich panel with EPS (expanded polystyrene) core. In the EuroPanels solution, there is a choice of fastening method: with invisible screw (by a special element) or throughout directly to supporting construction (visible head of a screw). In first solution (our patent), even in the entry-level sandwich panel product it is possible to achieve a smooth design of a wall surface. The ThermaStyle PRO panel is popular as cheap, easy and fast solution for walls including partitions in a variety of buildings.

Wall sandwich panel ThermaStyle PRO is available in profilings:

Linear – ThermStyle PRO L

Grooved – ThermaStyle PRO T

Micro – ThermaStyle PRO M

ThermaStyle PRO - applications

Internal and external walls in buildings of different types



Agricultural buildings


Logistics centres



Modular width [mm] 1190 mm
Fire resistance NRO classification
Core EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) with density of 15-20 kg/m³, thermal conductivity value (decleared) λD = 0,040 W/(m∙K)
Option FLEXI — panel with internal flexible facing instead of metal one
Available colors: