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About “Exdeco”

…The success of a company is created by people, the people whose success is created by the company…

„Exdeco“ is a trustworthy group of manufacturers that sells SANDWICH type panels, profiled wall and roof coverings and other construction materials.
BSP produces & sells Sandwich panels, as well as other building material. Sandwich Panels are being produced for more than 16 Years according to unifi ed EU standard EN 14509. Our competent and experienced team will always be glad to off er the best possible option for the walls and roofs of the buildings you are planning to construct.

Sandwich panels are used for the construction of industrial and business structures where roofs and walls can be built quickly & efficiently. Sandwich panels can also be used for renovation of existing buildings as well as deep freeze or cooling chambers. They are also suitable for food processing industry with high hygiene requirements.

Sandwich panel is a composite panel that is made of two steel sheets and has fi ller material in between them. EPS, PUR or PIR can be used as isolation material for the Sandwich panels.

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