PolDeck TD – roof sandwich panel PU

The roof panel is ideal for construction

Modular Width [mm]: 1065 mm
Thickness [mm]: 40-165 mm
Connection types: Full board (through hole)
Fire resistance: REI 15
Core: PUR

Category: .
Technical data PolDeck TD:
Available panel thickness [mm] λD [W/(m∙K )] Thermal transmittance coefficient UC [W/(m²∙K)] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
40/75 0,022 0,56 10,7 18
60/95 0,022 0,37 11,5 14
80/115 0,022 0,28 12,3 10
100/135 0,022 0,22 13,0 8
120/155 0,022 0,19 13,8 8
145/180 0,022 0,15 14,8 6
165/200 0,022 0,13 15,6 5 — 6

PolDeck TD Europanels is a Trapezoidal roof panel with polyurethane foam. Fastening method it throughout to supporting beams by a self-drilling screw. PolDeck TD (Trapezoidal Deck) is an example of universal roof panel being a good choice for variety of buildings. Required slope is at least 4°(7%) for single panels and 6° (10%) for panels with skylights, overlapped etc.

Roof sandwich panel PolDeck TD is available in option:

  • AGRO – additional non-condensate layer Agro applied on inner skin PolDeck TD is suitable for agro-storages of a different kind. This special layer absorbs the humidity from the inside of building and and releases the water vapor
  • OVERLAPPING – pre-cut of the internal facing – overlapping L and R for a gutter (Z) joining on length etc. 50-300mm

Sandwich panels are ready to use composites. It is extremely important to make a proper measurement of the length of panels to be installed, to avoid ordering too long (unnecessary waste) or too short ones (which sometimes makes it impossible to assemble at all). Length of the plate should be specified in the building design. Panels shall also be measured on the basis of the finished supporting structure as this could differ from plan. Customer / buyer are responsible for correctness of the lengths specification (professionally called “cutting list”).

Roof supporting structure, designed for mounting panels can be made out of steel, wood or reinforced concrete. For each of these types of structures there are different, specialized fastening solutions in EuroPanels offer.
Be sure to maintain proper spacing of the purlins and check their parameters: profile type, length and width etc. according to the construction project. The supporting structure is the load bearing for the panels, which provide loads (snow, wind and rain).

Due to the side effects of strong sunlight, UV and extreme temperatures which heat up the surface of the roof, we recommend that roof panels shall be made in the white (for example RAL 9010). Also important is to use the expansion joints and joining panels of length with overlapping in order to “shorten” total length of a single panel. Thus allows a proper “work” on the panels’ structure and compensation of changes in the skins length affected by extensive heat.

Sandwich panel PolDeck TD - applications

  • Roofs in buildings of different types:
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Logistics centres
Main data PolDeck TD

Modular width 1065 mm
Core Europan PU Roof System Core — rigid PU foam with declared density 38±3 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,022 W/(m∙K) at +10°C including aging, according to EN 14509:2013-12
Option AGRO — additional non-condensate layer applied on inner skin 50-300mm | OVERLAPPING — pre-cut of the internal facing L and R
Available colors: