Poltherma SOFT – insulating panels

Poltherma SOFT – insulating panels

Modular Width (Coating) 1050mm, 1220mm
Core PU polyurethane foam rigid
Technical data:
Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal resistance value R [(m²∙K)/W] Thermal transmittance coefficient U [W/(m²∙K)]
40 1,81 0,55
60 2,70 0,37
80 3,70 0,27
100 4,54 0,22
125 5,68 0,18
140 6,66 0,15
170 8,33 0,12

PolTherma SOFT panels are insulating panels made of rigid foam PU. The use of PolTherma SOFT panels offers a number of tangible benefits both during installation and during operation of the building.

Available cladding:

  • LAMINAT/KOMPOZYT — laminate on one side/ multilayer cladding: paper, PE film, aluminum foil on the other side
  • KOMPOZYT — both sides multilayer cladding: paper, PE film, aluminum foil
  • ALU — both sides cladding of a flexible aluminum foil with a thickness of 50 microns

Key features of insulating panels PolTherma SOFT:

  • Very good thermal insulation – the best of the materials currently used in the construction industry
    the lowest value of thermal conductivity d = 0.022 [W/m2 * K] *
    almost twice lower value of the insulation layer in relation to other known insulating materials, with the same coefficient U
  • High thermal stability during the lifetime due to the closed cell structure
  • Extremely low hygroscopicity (lower than 3%) for core
  • High chemical resistance of the core to organic solvents
  • Low weight – minimal load on the structure
  • Resistance to fungi and microorganisms
  • No core degradation in lifetime
  • Simple and safe installation
  • Dimensional stability
  • Conformity with UE standards CE wg EN 13165:2001

* Declared value at +10 ° C

Main advantages of PolTherma SOFT panels:

Using the POlTHERMA SOFT as an effective thermal insulation of the building allows the rapid increase temperature in heated rooms. At the same time prevents cooling down and helps to keep the constant temperature. POLTHERMA SOFT is an excellent thermal insulation in winter and summer.

DURABILITYThanks to PIR core, PolTherma Soft is very resistant for the mechanical deformations and compressions. These features are necessary to make the efficient thermoinsulation of flat roof and prevents problems with maintenance in the future.

The assembly of insulation boards PolTherma Soft is very easy, thanks to their low weight and simple montage, without dusting. The overlapped joint is an additional advantage. Boards are available in packages or on order.

An important parameter determining the thermal insulation of material is its low water absorption. The POLTHERMA SOFT is made of the best insulation core of PIR. Thanks to its closed cells characterized by a very high resistance to penetration of moisture and air infiltration

Insulating panels PolTherma SOFT - applications

  • insulation of extarnal walls- e. g. three-layer wall, one-layer wall.
  • insulation of floors and terraces- e.g. single-family housing, industrial development
  • insulation of roofs and ceiling- walle.g. single-family housing, agri construction
  • insulation of pitched roofs – walle.g. single-family housing, agri construction
  • insulation of flat roofs- e.g. industrial development, large-area
  • insulation of buildings with high concentration of ammonia – piggery, cowshed, chickencoop
  • other insulation- e.g. industrial strings, domestic use